A repository for rule-based models

Upload, view, discuss, and download models in any rule-based language.
Models can be private or public.

  • October 2011

    The old (of Cellucidate lineage) was shut down on October 31st, 2011. It was the first attempt at providing web services for hosting, editing, analyzing, and executing rule-based models of molecular interaction networks in the Kappa language.

    While the idea remains sound and urgent as ever, our evolving understanding of rule-based modeling made it clear that a fundamental rethinking and reimplementation of the application are needed. In the meantime, we answer the need for a simple repository of models with attendant discussion threads. This should become a great place for finding biologically significant and pedagogically instructive examples of rule-based models.

    Please help us improve the site with your suggestions, but for the time being we will refrain from offering computational services like simulation. To execute Kappa models, please download binaries and/or source code of simulators at To execute BNGL models, please visit BioNetGen.
  • June 2010

    The Kappa simulator and static analyzer have been released as open-source software under the Lesser Gnu GPL License at
  • May 2010

    We released the RuleStudio plugin for Eclipse, an editing environment created specifically for Kappa. It has helpful features such as syntax highlighting, visual representation of rules, and some static analysis. RuleStudio is highly incomplete and is looking for adoption by developers. You can find the source code at
  • May 2010 has been established as a central resource for "Kappa", a language for modeling combinatorially complex systems of (molecular) interaction.